Week 6

Week 6 was all about design. I learned about the different aspects of design such as typography, balance, unity, and many other aspects. Design is interesting and I never knew how much thought process and analysis goes into making a design.

Blog post about The Vignelli Canon.

Abstract: The Art of Design .

Here is a link to my design blitz.

Here is my encryption method assignment.

It is important to keep logos simple. See my blog post for an example of a simple logo.

Bitcoin Word Cloud. This was inspired by Bitcoin and its recent all time high price.

For a boost of motivation check out my blog post about a beautiful sunny day.

In conclusion, week 6 was a great week and I learned a lot about design. I actually took the time to stop and think about how products are designed. I learned about aspects of design and had the chance to learn from some great designers. This has increased my knowledge on how to tell a story when you design products. I will take this knowledge along with me on my journey in #ds106.

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