Week 5 was Live

This week was all about audio. This was one of my favorite weeks so far in ds106. I never knew how to edit audio and create my own edited mp3 files. It was a lot of fun. I learned how to mash different sound effects together to create a story. Audio is a great way to tell a digital story. Learning about Audacity was also fun.

Here are my thoughts on the Moon Graffiti audio story.

ds106 radio show thoughts.

Here is my radio bumper about ds106 radio show.

I created a story about a car starting up and getting into a car crash which was inspired by the accident I just witnessed yesterday.

Next I created a sound effect of ice cubes falling into an empty mug.

My life theme instrumental.

This is also one of the assignments I accomplished which is about email spam.

Here are my ideas for the ds106 radio show.

Daily Creates:

In conclusion, I have learned a lot about audio this week and it was very fun. I learned how to combine different snippets of audio files and put together a audio story. I am glad I got to experience working with audio. I look forward to week 6 in ds106.

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