Week 2 Adventures

This has been a fun and exciting week in #ds106. I am becoming more creative and I am not worried about making a masterpiece, just a little bit of art each and everyday. I really enjoyed doing the daily creates! They are fun and aren’t very time consuming. Here are my daily creates I did this week.

I also learned about creating memes very quickly with the application iMeme. I made a tutorial on how to use it. It is very helpful and makes creating memes easy. Here is the tutorial.

I also installed a useful plugin called giphypress to easily embed gifs into my blog posts. Here is an assignment I did about our spy theme that shows giphypress in acton.

I also explored some of my character traits and practiced gratitude. Gratitude is a very important trait to have and will help you live a positive life. Here is an assignment where I practiced gratitude.

The hardest part of this week was creating a daily journal for a secret agent. It was hard to figure out where I wanted the story to go. But I think it turned out okay. Here is the post.

Overall this was a fun week in #ds106. I also engaged with my group on our google docs and I communicated with some people on twitter. I am starting to have fun making connections with other people that our apart of the #ds106 community. I look forward to more exciting work to come!


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