Radio Show Week 2

A lot of progress and hard work was put into our radio show this week. Our final product is finally finished.

The main idea for our radio show was going to be sexespionage but some people in the group decided to do other things. So I decided to start the radio show off with a broadcast about the history of espionage. I also talked about the techniques spies used in the past and how that differs from the techniques they use in modern times.

Our radio consists of 5 different segments ranging from spy history to a mystery read by one of my group members. Our use of background sound and sound effects enhanced the radio show a lot and made it more interesting. We have also included radio show bumpers and commercials. The radio show commercials are very creative.

This was a very fun project. I find it so awesome that five people were able to put this show together with almost all communication done over the internet. That shows you how powerful and useful the internet has become. Editing sound can be difficult and made this project a little difficult at times. But once you familiarize yourself with the editing tools it becomes easier, and you start to find it very enjoyable.

Here is the radio show:

Here is the commercial that I used in the radio show:

Here is just my part of the radio show:

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