Radio Show Reflection

On Tuesday I tuned in to listen to ds106 radio. I listened to a show called “A Spy Story”. They incorporated very cool intro music and outro music.

They had very good use of radio bumpers and good use of background noises and sound effects. Gunshots seemed to be a popular choice for sound effects.

It was about a secret agent who had to fly out to Spain to go on a secret task. The enemy wanted to destroy the world. The enemy managed to escape when the cops barged in. Victor, the enemy, wanted a utopia like world. Luckily before Victor left they put a tracking device in his pocket. The secret agent of the story found the ambassador that was kidnapped. In the end they stopped Victor and saved the world.

They had some basic spy elements like the gadgets and the villain.

I like the way they used footsteps to move the story along. Good use of sounds, I could picture what was happening as I was listening.

In conclusion, it was a good radio show that portrayed a spy mission. I thought the group did a great job.

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