First Week of Blogging

My first week of blogging was very fun. I created a new Twitter account. I created a SoundCloud account, YouTube account, and a Flickr account.

My first post was pretty cool to make, it was about my new social media accounts. This week I learned a lot. I learned how to set up a umwblogs domain. Then I was able to install WordPress on it. I learned about embedding media inside blog posts and also editing your site through WordPress. The #ds106 community welcomed me on Twitter. The one thing I did enjoy was helping a fellow ds106 get their blog up and running. It is always enjoyable to help other people. I found most of the assignments easy because I have experience creating my own website and I am also a computer science student so I am pretty knowledgeable in this area. The one thing I did enjoy is putting myself out there on social media sites and not worrying about others judging me! I look forward to more exciting assignments.

Here is a video of Warren Buffet, a person I see as a role model:

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