Final Project

The Final Project

The final project is going to be about a mission that my secret agent A.W. will be sent on.

Mission Briefing

A.W. begin to pack the essentials he needed for his mission. This included all of the necessary spy gear he needed.

He carried a few interesting gadgets. Such as a skis that had blades that pop out at the end. He had poison in case he was caught, he would have to terminate himself so the enemy would not figure out his intent.

A.W. will take a helicopter to the mountains near the resort and be dropped off. He will have to ski down to a safe zone.

Just over the mountains is the resort A.W. has to infiltrate.

A.W. waits until the next morning to infiltrate the resort…

A.W. skis down the west side of the mountain out of sight from guards around the ski resort. Yes, guard…that seems fishy to have guards around a ski resort. A.W. suspects their must be something hidden inside that is very important.

A.W. is able to sneak through a back window that no one is guarding. He works his way through the resort being very careful not to get caught.

He stumbles upon a room with tons of crates in it.

He looks inside one of the crates and seems that there is weapons inside the crates. He suspects the money being sent from Russia is funding the Canadians with weapons.

He reports back to director with the new information.

Job well done A.W. this information will help us to further investigate this.

The next mission will be following the money trail. A.W. we need you to go on this mission. Farewell, until then.

This was the final week of ds106. I have come a long way in learning about different digital media and how we can use them to tell a story.

I have become a lot more creative from taking this course and I am very pleased about that.

I think my final project is a good start to a series of missions for A.W. I would like to expand on this and make it a series of missions throughout different blog posts. I got part of the idea from mission 2 in the list of ideas for final projects.

With that, A.W. over and out.

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