Design Blitz

The pictures below are from the design blitz. Each of them show an aspect of design. This was an interesting exercise. I actually stopped and looked at objects and analyzed how they were designed. I encourage others to do the same.



As you can see the FIJI water bottle is very proportion in its design. It is also very symmetrical which makes it an effective and appealing design.



The hood of this BMW shows the dominance and the varying degrees of emphasis on the grill of the car. Also you can see the sleek design and unity of the car that makes it a beautiful design.


The Apple logo is the best design of conveying meaning in real world objects. If anyone sees this logo they know exactly where the design is from and the quality of the product. That is the power of the Apple logo.


The rhythm, pattern, and texture make the cover of this book come to life. Its use of color and texture creates an appealing design.


The color of the keys on this keyboard create a different mood than a normal keyboard. It also draws attention to the keys. It makes the product better than a plain old keyboard.


The minimal use of space by the new Macbook Pro creates an elegant laptop. Its simple design makes it a beautiful laptop and a great deigned product.


The typography of the words on the can create an elegant design. Also the iconic image of Coke creates an instant message for people about the product.


The typography brings attention to this product. It uses proportion and function to convey the message of what the product can do for you.


The proportion and unity of this fountain pen creates a beautiful design and easy to use pen.


The color and rhythm of the light in this photo draw your attention to the center. It is an appealing image.

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