Character Interview

If I had to choose between living with the hands of a baby or the feet of a baby?

I would choose living with the feet of a baby. I use my hands for everything and I think have baby hands would hurt my spy skill set. But with little baby feet I would still be able to run and do most of the things I would do with adult feet. So in the end I would choose living with the feet of a baby.

When other people yawn, do you find yourself yawning aswell?

As a matter of fact, I do.

What do I think of garden gnomes?

I don’t dislike them or like them. I don’t think there is anything wrong with garden gnomes. I would be perfectly happy with owning a garden gnome.

If I had $2000 and I had to double it in 24 hours how would I do it?

I would bet on dice until I doubled my money or lossed. Most likely I would lose!

If a gorilla was chasing me and the only places I could go were a 7-eleven or a manhole which would I choose?

I would choose 7-eleven. There are lots of people at 7-eleven so I would hope the gorilla would start chasing someone else inside or perhaps find something useful in the 7-eleven to protect myself from the gorilla.

What is your favorite prime number between 50 and 100?

My favorite prime number between 50 and 100 is 67. I like the number 67 a lot and I have used it in the past on my ice hockey team.

What is my theory about the recent Russian hacking of ds106?

I believe the Russians are hacking ds106 to gain insightful information on how we operate and to steal our secrets. It is important we strike back.

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