Being Yourself

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The above link is all about sharing your creativity and being yourself.

In Austin Kleon’s post above, I have to agree on what he is sharing. He is speaking from his heart that to be great we must put in the work, take criticism, and teach what you know.

The points that are most significant to me are: Learn to take a punch and stick around.

Learning to take a punch is one area I am going to improve in. I don’t like to be criticized (I don’t think many people do) and I usually take the criticism to heart. It will bother me for awhile and make me less confident in myself. To work on this I am going to invite criticism in but work on not letting it bother me. I will use criticism to help me improve my talents and skills.

Sticking around is very important. Success doesn’t happen over night. Careers are full of positives and negatives. It is the people that stick around and fight through obstacles that become successful. To apply this in my life I will remember that success doesn’t come easy. I will learn from the negative things that happen to me.

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