Week 4 Was Not a Bore

Week four was all about digital storytelling and how visuals can create a feeling inside of others or we can use visuals to make people feel a certain way.

Here is a blog post that talks about the visuals of storytelling. I learned a few new tricks I can use to take better photos. Which are:

  • Take a second before taking a picture and think about what I want to portray in the photo.
  • Better contrast makes better stories.
  • Create depth in your photos.
  • Pay attention to the moment you are capturing.

These tricks plus the sites that are linked inside the blog post above can really improve any photographer. I am on my way to being a digital storytelling master!

In this post.
I analyzed different still shots from the movie Kingsman. I am not used to actually thinking about and analyzing photos so this task was a little tricky. It was hard to figure out what kinds of techniques were used in each image. But it was a great learning exercise.

The next assignment I worked on was an image of a couple just happily married. I talked a little bit about what they were doing in the image and how the light and darkness gives contrast to the image.

The next post I wrote was about shadows and I had to create a background story for the image. This was also a little tricky because I never really thought about shadows before so I really had to use some creativity.

This next post is an image of something motivational. I think you will enjoy this quote because it speaks the truth.

Here is a link to my photoblitz. This was the most fun assignment this week. You had to think quickly and be clever. I enjoyed this post very much.

This next post is a quote from my secret agent A.W.

Daily Create:

This was another productive and creative week in #ds106. I am looking forward to another week of creativity coming up!

3rd Week Peek

The third week in #ds106 was a great week. I accomplished a lot of tasks. One of the tasks I accomplished was creating a dossier of my secret agent which can be found here. The hardest part about this was being creative and coming up with a secret agent profile. But every week my creativity improves and I am really enjoying being more creative.Also, I learned a lot about spy fiction and what makes a great spy fiction movie. I watched a spy episode called Bankrup and I watched Kingsman. These were very interesting to watch. Both had elements of high risk taking, some gambling, beautiful women, and cool gadgets. All spies seem to be able to think critical and make decisions quickly. Here is my blog post about spy fiction.

I also watched a cool YouTube video on The Shape of Stories. I blogged a response to this video here. It is a humorous video but it does have a lot of truth in that many stories/movies have similar plots that we all like hearing over and over again, just in different ways.

I also wrote a plug starting from a fortune cookie generator. That was fun and something I have never done before. I would consider this exercise to anyone because it can be very creative. Blog post.

I also improved my writing skills this week by doing three writing assignments. One was about my role model Warren Buffet. Another interesting exercise I did was a haiku about my new secret agent, A.W. The last exercise I did was a blog about me if I was in a history book that mentions my college life.

I also did some daily creates which can be found below and on my twitter page, @NickSebenaler.

This was a rewarding third week in #ds106. I hope everyone found it as creative as I did. I look forward to continue building my secret agent and improving my blogging skills!

Week 2 Adventures

This has been a fun and exciting week in #ds106. I am becoming more creative and I am not worried about making a masterpiece, just a little bit of art each and everyday. I really enjoyed doing the daily creates! They are fun and aren’t very time consuming. Here are my daily creates I did this week.

I also learned about creating memes very quickly with the application iMeme. I made a tutorial on how to use it. It is very helpful and makes creating memes easy. Here is the tutorial.

I also installed a useful plugin called giphypress to easily embed gifs into my blog posts. Here is an assignment I did about our spy theme that shows giphypress in acton.

I also explored some of my character traits and practiced gratitude. Gratitude is a very important trait to have and will help you live a positive life. Here is an assignment where I practiced gratitude.

The hardest part of this week was creating a daily journal for a secret agent. It was hard to figure out where I wanted the story to go. But I think it turned out okay. Here is the post.

Overall this was a fun week in #ds106. I also engaged with my group on our google docs and I communicated with some people on twitter. I am starting to have fun making connections with other people that our apart of the #ds106 community. I look forward to more exciting work to come!


First Week of Blogging

My first week of blogging was very fun. I created a new Twitter account. I created a SoundCloud account, YouTube account, and a Flickr account.

My first post was pretty cool to make, it was about my new social media accounts. This week I learned a lot. I learned how to set up a umwblogs domain. Then I was able to install WordPress on it. I learned about embedding media inside blog posts and also editing your site through WordPress. The #ds106 community welcomed me on Twitter. The one thing I did enjoy was helping a fellow ds106 get their blog up and running. It is always enjoyable to help other people. I found most of the assignments easy because I have experience creating my own website and I am also a computer science student so I am pretty knowledgeable in this area. The one thing I did enjoy is putting myself out there on social media sites and not worrying about others judging me! I look forward to more exciting assignments.

Here is a video of Warren Buffet, a person I see as a role model: