Tutorial on X-Ray Goggles

In this blog post I will be going over how to use a neat tool called X-Ray Goggles. They allow you to edit the html and websites and edit the content to whatever you want and you can save your edited html to a local version.

  1. You will need to download the browser Firefox because it is an extension through the browser.
  2. Download X-Ray Goggles here. Follow the instructions on this page and you should have the X-Ray Goggles once you are done.
  3. Then go to a website you would like to edit. And click on the X-Ray Goggles. Your screen should look like the below image.
  4. For example click on the “Google” image.
  5. Now you can edit the html. In the picture below I edited one of the buttons to say “Hi There”.
  6. Now you can click publish or take a screenshot of your new page.

I hope everyone enjoyed this tutorial. Happy editing.