Tutorial on X-Ray Goggles

In this blog post I will be going over how to use a neat tool called X-Ray Goggles. They allow you to edit the html and websites and edit the content to whatever you want and you can save your edited html to a local version.

  1. You will need to download the browser Firefox because it is an extension through the browser.
  2. Download X-Ray Goggles here. Follow the instructions on this page and you should have the X-Ray Goggles once you are done.
  3. Then go to a website you would like to edit. And click on the X-Ray Goggles. Your screen should look like the below image.
  4. For example click on the “Google” image.
  5. Now you can edit the html. In the picture below I edited one of the buttons to say “Hi There”.
  6. Now you can click publish or take a screenshot of your new page.

I hope everyone enjoyed this tutorial. Happy editing.


Privacy On The Web!

I take my privacy and security very seriously when talking about going online. I counted a lot of commercial products on my computer but I also have a lot of open source software too.

The words open, community, and cooperation accurately characterize the open source software community. It is nice to use open source software because you can easily review the code and many people do to see if anything malicious is happening. Community and cooperation are needed for an open source project to work and are highly valued. The word open for me relates to freedom and trust.

When I hear the words “share” and “social data” I personally think of privacy. I think that our social data is not private anymore and that is a bad thing. So many companies like Google and Facebook are collecting our personal data to use for their benefit. One use is ad targeting.

Some web extensions that I use, that I reccommend others using to help with privacy are: NoScript, Privacy Badger, HTTPS-everywhere, and ublock origin (for ads).

Here was the assignment it was worth 3 and half stars.

Personal Search Engine

Using the x-ray goggles provided by a firefox extension, I created my own web browser homepage. Instead of it being “The search engine that never tracks you.” I changed it and wrote Google. Because Google and many other big companies are tracking everyone online to help with advertising and learning more about a person to advertise to them more affectively. I personally do not like being tracked and I strive to keep my privacy online by using other browsers and using privacy related browser extensions.

The original assignment worth 4 and half stars. 

Ever Wondered How People Create Memes so Quickly?

I always wondered how people created memes and if it was easy or not. I never really took the time to research it. Well it turns out it is a piece of cake to create a meme. My inspiration for this tutorial is to help others to create memes and practice creating memes for our class theme.

In this tutorial I am going to talk about an app for the mac called iMeme which allows you to create memes quickly!

Once you download the iMeme application and open it, a screen will appear that looks like the image above.

On the left they have built-in memes you can select from.

For example:


Near the bottom they have a header and a footer to input the text you want on the image.

Also there are a plus and a minus button to shrink or enlarge the text next to the header and footer text boxes.

Some other features they have include:

  • Over 100 built-in templates.
  • Enter your own header and footer text.
  • Adjustable text size and alignment.
  • Use your own images.
  • Save as PNG or copy to the clipboard.
  • Print directly from the app.
  • Automatically upload to imgur.
  • Automatically post to reddit.
  • Works on OS X 10.5 and up.
  • Works on Windows XP and up.

I encourage everyone to install this simple to use meme builder. Here is the link to download it.