Hmm Movie Scenes

Here is a picture. What doesn’t belong in this movie scene? Can you figure it out?

This assignment was fun. I am getting really good at editing layers of pictures. I am now able to use this skill in many other assignments which is great!



Close Up View

I took James Bond and superimposed him with the background of an ocean wave. That is pretty ridiculous. My inspiration for this image is of course our spy theme in the class.

This assignment wasn’t as difficult as the last one. I am starting to get the hang of editing photos in gimp and using layers.



Holiday Mashup

In this assignment I picked three holidays and mashed them together into one picture. My inspiration for this was were are nearing Easter and St. Patrick’s day just passed. And also The Fourth of July is coming up. So I wanted to celebrate all of these holidays.

I have to admit this assignment was challenging. I used GIMP to edit the photos but learning how layers work and how to superimpose layers takes time to learn.