Advice for Future Students

If you are a new student or just enrolled in ds106 you are probably wondering what it will be like and how to get an A. In this post I will go over what you will expect to do during the class and some tips to help you get a good grade.

If you are taking ds106 be prepared to have a lot of work each week. You will have a whole week to complete the assignments but if you wait till Friday to start you will be working on them all day. So I suggest work on ds106 homework each day. Even if it is just for an hour each day. Do not procrastinate.

You can expect to learn about all types of digital media. You will learn about design and the aspects of design. You will learn about web tools and doing web assignments. You will also do many assignments that relate to editing videos or editing audio. There are lots of other kinds of media you will learn about. I really enjoyed ds106, I would recommend others to take it.