Week 2 Adventures

This has been a fun and exciting week in #ds106. I am becoming more creative and I am not worried about making a masterpiece, just a little bit of art each and everyday. I really enjoyed doing the daily creates! They are fun and aren’t very time consuming. Here are my daily creates I did this week.

I also learned about creating memes very quickly with the application iMeme. I made a tutorial on how to use it. It is very helpful and makes creating memes easy. Here is the tutorial.

I also installed a useful plugin called giphypress to easily embed gifs into my blog posts. Here is an assignment I did about our spy theme that shows giphypress in acton.

I also explored some of my character traits and practiced gratitude. Gratitude is a very important trait to have and will help you live a positive life. Here is an assignment where I practiced gratitude.

The hardest part of this week was creating a daily journal for a secret agent. It was hard to figure out where I wanted the story to go. But I think it turned out okay. Here is the post.

Overall this was a fun week in #ds106. I also engaged with my group on our google docs and I communicated with some people on twitter. I am starting to have fun making connections with other people that our apart of the #ds106 community. I look forward to more exciting work to come!


Lounging in the Casino

I was playing some craps at the craps table when all of a sudden I saw him. The guy who has been tracking me. I quickly tried to hide but his crew and him saw me. They dashed after me, I had to run across a blackjack table. And escape out a backdoor. I then dashed across a street through open traffic. I am exhausted right now, but I managed to slip away. There is no telling when they will find me again. Until then…

Agent Seeb

Gratitude Makes a Difference

Gratitude is an essential characteristic to have. It allows you to have a positive outlook on life instead of a negative outlook. I am usually a very negative person and I don’t tend to look at the positives in my life. I wanted to do this exercise to help myself learn gratitude and understand that it depends on the way you look at situations that determine their outcome. Below are the items that came to me in ten seconds that I was thankful for in my life.

  • My friends
  • My family
  • Having a car
  • My apartment
  • A job when I graduate
  • The ability to get a college education

All of the items above play a key role in my life and sometimes I take them for granted. Especially the privilege to get a college education and to already have a job lined up before I graduate. This was a great exercise and I encourage others to try to practice gratitude in their lives everyday. I know I am going to strive to be more grateful.

Ever Wondered How People Create Memes so Quickly?

I always wondered how people created memes and if it was easy or not. I never really took the time to research it. Well it turns out it is a piece of cake to create a meme. My inspiration for this tutorial is to help others to create memes and practice creating memes for our class theme.

In this tutorial I am going to talk about an app for the mac called iMeme which allows you to create memes quickly!

Once you download the iMeme application and open it, a screen will appear that looks like the image above.

On the left they have built-in memes you can select from.

For example:


Near the bottom they have a header and a footer to input the text you want on the image.

Also there are a plus and a minus button to shrink or enlarge the text next to the header and footer text boxes.

Some other features they have include:

  • Over 100 built-in templates.
  • Enter your own header and footer text.
  • Adjustable text size and alignment.
  • Use your own images.
  • Save as PNG or copy to the clipboard.
  • Print directly from the app.
  • Automatically upload to imgur.
  • Automatically post to reddit.
  • Works on OS X 10.5 and up.
  • Works on Windows XP and up.

I encourage everyone to install this simple to use meme builder. Here is the link to download it.

First Week of Blogging

My first week of blogging was very fun. I created a new Twitter account. I created a SoundCloud account, YouTube account, and a Flickr account.

My first post was pretty cool to make, it was about my new social media accounts. This week I learned a lot. I learned how to set up a umwblogs domain. Then I was able to install WordPress on it. I learned about embedding media inside blog posts and also editing your site through WordPress. The #ds106 community welcomed me on Twitter. The one thing I did enjoy was helping a fellow ds106 get their blog up and running. It is always enjoyable to help other people. I found most of the assignments easy because I have experience creating my own website and I am also a computer science student so I am pretty knowledgeable in this area. The one thing I did enjoy is putting myself out there on social media sites and not worrying about others judging me! I look forward to more exciting assignments.

Here is a video of Warren Buffet, a person I see as a role model:

Spy Fiction – Fast Life

Spy Fiction is an intriguing and exciting genre. I think this will be a great genre for ds106. My favorite variety is Martini Flavored. I like this genre because it portrays the fast life which is fun to watch in a movie. I like the high-risk casino games and the lifestyle it brings! I also enjoy hearing stories about real spies and how the intelligence agencies we have in the U.S. have evolved over time. I have watched some pretty cool movies and documentaries about this. One time period that had lots of spies was during the cold war. We have so many themes and topics to make this a fun and exciting genre for #ds106!

I can’t wait for the fun to begin!

Being Yourself

Share your creativity!

The above link is all about sharing your creativity and being yourself.

In Austin Kleon’s post above, I have to agree on what he is sharing. He is speaking from his heart that to be great we must put in the work, take criticism, and teach what you know.

The points that are most significant to me are: Learn to take a punch and stick around.

Learning to take a punch is one area I am going to improve in. I don’t like to be criticized (I don’t think many people do) and I usually take the criticism to heart. It will bother me for awhile and make me less confident in myself. To work on this I am going to invite criticism in but work on not letting it bother me. I will use criticism to help me improve my talents and skills.

Sticking around is very important. Success doesn’t happen over night. Careers are full of positives and negatives. It is the people that stick around and fight through obstacles that become successful. To apply this in my life I will remember that success doesn’t come easy. I will learn from the negative things that happen to me.