Still shots from Kingsman

I am going to analyze a few photos from Kingsman and see if I can identify things such as selection, contrast, perspective, depth, balance, moment, lighting, and foreground/background in the still photos below.

In this photo you can see the use of perspective, depth, lighting, and foreground/background being used. The depth helps make the photo feel like you are very close to it.

The use of lighting in this picture makes the man in the middle the focus point. Also foreground/background come into play. And the contrast between the light and the dark in the photo is used very well.

Here we see again the usage of foreground/background. Also the lighting of the suits puts the focus on the background. And we also see depth and perspective being used to convey the image.

Visuals of Storytelling

Normally I do not take many photographs and I do not really think about different aspects of photography when snapping a picture. I usually just take the photo and that’s it. I don’t think about it more than that.

After reviewing some of the resources about being a better photographer and photography and narrative, I realized that photos tell a story and there is a lot more to think about when taking a photo if we want to tell a specific story. A few things I will start thinking about when taking photos are:

  • Take a second before taking a picture and think about what I want to portray.
  • Better contrast makes better stories
  • Create depth
  • Pay attention to the moment

I think by using the above tactics when I take photos, it will help me to tell a narrative. I think with some practice and following these guidelines I can take some meaningful photographs and capture the moment. As Ansel Adams said, “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”

3rd Week Peek

The third week in #ds106 was a great week. I accomplished a lot of tasks. One of the tasks I accomplished was creating a dossier of my secret agent which can be found here. The hardest part about this was being creative and coming up with a secret agent profile. But every week my creativity improves and I am really enjoying being more creative.Also, I learned a lot about spy fiction and what makes a great spy fiction movie. I watched a spy episode called Bankrup and I watched Kingsman. These were very interesting to watch. Both had elements of high risk taking, some gambling, beautiful women, and cool gadgets. All spies seem to be able to think critical and make decisions quickly. Here is my blog post about spy fiction.

I also watched a cool YouTube video on The Shape of Stories. I blogged a response to this video here. It is a humorous video but it does have a lot of truth in that many stories/movies have similar plots that we all like hearing over and over again, just in different ways.

I also wrote a plug starting from a fortune cookie generator. That was fun and something I have never done before. I would consider this exercise to anyone because it can be very creative. Blog post.

I also improved my writing skills this week by doing three writing assignments. One was about my role model Warren Buffet. Another interesting exercise I did was a haiku about my new secret agent, A.W. The last exercise I did was a blog about me if I was in a history book that mentions my college life.

I also did some daily creates which can be found below and on my twitter page, @NickSebenaler.

This was a rewarding third week in #ds106. I hope everyone found it as creative as I did. I look forward to continue building my secret agent and improving my blogging skills!

History of Me

Nicholas Sebenaler went to college in 2013. He went to a college named University of Mary Washington located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He went to UMW to study computer science and become a computer science major. He enjoyed spending his college time programming, reading, and hanging out with friends. When he was not in classes you could find him in the library or at the basketball court near Jefferson hall playing street hockey. He studied at UMW for four years until he received his degree in computer science during the Spring of 2017. After he graduated he went on to work for a big defense company called Northrop Grumman.

Role Model

The person I admire and look to as a role model is Warren Buffet. He is one of the richest men in the world yet he is one of the humblest. He still drives an everyday car and has lived in the same house in Nebraska. I also admire his character traits in the aspect of business and leadership. Warren Buffet is a great leader and manager. With a company of his size you must know how to understand and manage people. Warren Buffet is a master at this and there books about how he manages people. He recommends never arguing with people or criticizing them. Instead we should suggest other options for people to consider instead of demanding them to do a task our way. Another suggestion is to admit to people when we are wrong! If you are interested in more great characteristics of Warren Buffet you should read Warren Buffett’s Management Secrets: Proven Tools for Personal and Business Success.

A Warm Smile is Testimony of a Generous Nature

A warm smile shot over A.W.’s face as he realized that he just cracked the encryption to a database he has been trying to hack for the past two weeks. A.W. has a mission to search the database for clues on where an assailant is hiding. He just completed step one of his mission by breaking into the database. A.W. decides to take a break from working and heads to the casino. A.W. will have a fun and enjoyable night at the casino before his mission continues tomorrow.


This post will be about the secret agent I have created.

My secret agent’s name is Alex Whales but his code name is A.W. He is 22 years old and is from Woodbridge, VA. When A.W. is not on a top secret mission he can usually be found in the casino gambling. A.W. is the type of person that thinks the higher the risk the higher the reward. Which goes along with his gambling. He loves living in the fast lane. Girls, fast cars, and money are some of his favorite things. His favorite color is blue and he has an average body build. His height is 5’5. One of the most important things to A.W. is his security and privacy whether this is in public or on the internet he likes to go unnoticed. He can be very sneaky. He is also very tech savy and understands things like computer encryption and cryptography. He is preparing for a new secret mission in Russia. He is waiting to be briefed on his mission very soon.

Stories have Interesting Features

A lot of stories and movies have the same kind of plot. It starts out with a plot that has a fairly well off person or character. Then something terrible happens to this person. This makes you feel sorry for them. After some time this character does something heroic or creates something great which shows his tenacity to get through the character’s hardships. And the character ends upper being happy and more well off than when the movie started.

This description of the plot above describes a movie I recently watched called Kingsman. It starts off with character named Eggsy and his Father dies as a secret agent. 17 years later Eggsy is now an unemployed young adult living with his abusive stepfather (this is the feeling sorry for the character part). Then Eggsys redeems his father’s legacy by becoming a great secret agent and saving the world from disaster (character ends happy and better off than when the movie started).

Next time you watch a movie look for this type of plot in it. You would be surprised how many movies have this type of plot.

What Makes a Spy Movie?

Of course there are different flavors of spy fiction and the characteristics that make up different spy movies are all a little different. But there are some characteristics they all have in common. Which include, risk taking, money, gambling, action, being suspenseful, and violence.

Also I want to talk about a certain flavor of spy fiction that is my favorite which is called Martini Flavored. This type of spy fiction includes hot women, high-risk casino games, cool gadgets, fights with guns and fists, big explosions, and glamorous parties. In these movies the stakes are always massive where the main character has to risk it all. I great example of this kind of spy fiction is James Bond movies.

Also I recently watched the Kingsman and an episode of an older spy tv show, the name of the episode was Bankrup. They both had a lot of the same characteristics as I described above. There was gambling and high risk activities. There were fancy cars and houses. And in Kingsman there were lots of cool gadgets.