Character Interview

If I had to choose between living with the hands of a baby or the feet of a baby?

I would choose living with the feet of a baby. I use my hands for everything and I think have baby hands would hurt my spy skill set. But with little baby feet I would still be able to run and do most of the things I would do with adult feet. So in the end I would choose living with the feet of a baby.

When other people yawn, do you find yourself yawning aswell?

As a matter of fact, I do.

What do I think of garden gnomes?

I don’t dislike them or like them. I don’t think there is anything wrong with garden gnomes. I would be perfectly happy with owning a garden gnome.

If I had $2000 and I had to double it in 24 hours how would I do it?

I would bet on dice until I doubled my money or lossed. Most likely I would lose!

If a gorilla was chasing me and the only places I could go were a 7-eleven or a manhole which would I choose?

I would choose 7-eleven. There are lots of people at 7-eleven so I would hope the gorilla would start chasing someone else inside or perhaps find something useful in the 7-eleven to protect myself from the gorilla.

What is your favorite prime number between 50 and 100?

My favorite prime number between 50 and 100 is 67. I like the number 67 a lot and I have used it in the past on my ice hockey team.

What is my theory about the recent Russian hacking of ds106?

I believe the Russians are hacking ds106 to gain insightful information on how we operate and to steal our secrets. It is important we strike back.

Casino Royale – Poker Scene

Creating this commentary about the Casino Royale poker scene was a new experience for me. I have never done a lot of video editing before and let me tell you it is not easy to pick up. The tool I used to edit the video was iMovie. I like iMovie but the hard part was learning about all of its features and tricks. I was able to google some tutorials that helped me a lot with learning about editing videos.

In the video I talk about some of the director’s techniques and details of his directing. At some points I will freeze a certain frame and talk about what is going on in the scene.

I would say this is one of the more difficult tasks I have done in ds106 so far but it was interesting to learn about video editing.

Week 9

This week was a fun and interesting one. I learned about telling stories via the web. The web assignments were fun and very informative.

I also experienced using a new tool called x-ray goggles. This allowed us to create and edit existing webpages’ html and css.

Once again I increased my knowledge in digital storytelling and practiced creativity. I look forward to week 10 and continuing the art of storytelling. Below are the links to my blog posts this week.

Radio Show Reflection

Personal Search Engine

Privacy On The Web!

The Best of ds106

My new blog

Daily Create Story


Daily Create Story

These three daily creates can all be related to the internet and the social ties created on the internet. Nowadays we have no privacy on the internet. So you have to get over it as one of my daily create’s says. We leave a digital footprint essential everywhere we go on the internet. And this digital footprint can be used by advertisers and other people that want information about us. A lot of people could have been contenders but the information on the internet about them sometimes shows they can’t be a contender for jobs etc. I personally try to practice good privacy behaviors when on the internet and recommend you do also.

My new blog

Above is a picture of a person’s blog I found and I used x-ray goggles to change this blog into my new blog. I removed their profile picture and put a picture of myself. I edit my name at the top of their blog page.

I got this idea from thinking about spy techniques and masquerading our identity. I learned a lot from this assignment. I learned about editing html and how to embed an image in html.

I believe this assignment was fairly difficult because it was completely new to me and it took a lot of research and time to figure out how to edit the webpages. Also I wasn’t able to upload my website to Hackasaurus so I just took a screenshot.

The Best of ds106

The first daily create that I really liked was created by Alex Brown. I thought the picture was really intriguing. You can see the woods way in the distance over the bridge. Another reason I thought this was a great picture is because of the way it converges in the distance.

The next best of the best posts was by Cole Hodges. Cole’s secret weapon is his devilish charm. I thought this was a very funny photo edit. This is the main reason why I thought this was a great post. I also enjoyed this daily create topic and seeing everyone’s posts about their secret weapon.

Last I thought this was a very interesting post by Heather Slota. It is interesting to see the imaginations of people describing the 2000’s in the 1900’s. It would be cool to do this for the 2100’s and see how our predictions turn out.

Privacy On The Web!

I take my privacy and security very seriously when talking about going online. I counted a lot of commercial products on my computer but I also have a lot of open source software too.

The words open, community, and cooperation accurately characterize the open source software community. It is nice to use open source software because you can easily review the code and many people do to see if anything malicious is happening. Community and cooperation are needed for an open source project to work and are highly valued. The word open for me relates to freedom and trust.

When I hear the words “share” and “social data” I personally think of privacy. I think that our social data is not private anymore and that is a bad thing. So many companies like Google and Facebook are collecting our personal data to use for their benefit. One use is ad targeting.

Some web extensions that I use, that I reccommend others using to help with privacy are: NoScript, Privacy Badger, HTTPS-everywhere, and ublock origin (for ads).

Here was the assignment it was worth 3 and half stars.

Personal Search Engine

Using the x-ray goggles provided by a firefox extension, I created my own web browser homepage. Instead of it being “The search engine that never tracks you.” I changed it and wrote Google. Because Google and many other big companies are tracking everyone online to help with advertising and learning more about a person to advertise to them more affectively. I personally do not like being tracked and I strive to keep my privacy online by using other browsers and using privacy related browser extensions.

The original assignment worth 4 and half stars. 

Radio Show Reflection

On Tuesday I tuned in to listen to ds106 radio. I listened to a show called “A Spy Story”. They incorporated very cool intro music and outro music.

They had very good use of radio bumpers and good use of background noises and sound effects. Gunshots seemed to be a popular choice for sound effects.

It was about a secret agent who had to fly out to Spain to go on a secret task. The enemy wanted to destroy the world. The enemy managed to escape when the cops barged in. Victor, the enemy, wanted a utopia like world. Luckily before Victor left they put a tracking device in his pocket. The secret agent of the story found the ambassador that was kidnapped. In the end they stopped Victor and saved the world.

They had some basic spy elements like the gadgets and the villain.

I like the way they used footsteps to move the story along. Good use of sounds, I could picture what was happening as I was listening.

In conclusion, it was a good radio show that portrayed a spy mission. I thought the group did a great job.

Week 8 comes to a close

Week 8 comes to a close. This week we finished up our radio shows. My group collaborated very well and produced a great radio show. Here is the link to my radio show week summary about our show.

We are about halfway through the class and I can say I have learned a lot about digital storytelling and design. My creativity has increased. And my posts are improving.

This concludes week 8’s summary. I look forward to week 9.


Here are my daily creates I did this week:

This daily create was all about perspective so I found a picture of a giant golfball.

This is a new quote for Old lady bird book images.